About Us


Selectamark Security Systems plc has been at the forefront of providing world class property marking solutions since 1985. Since then, Selectamark has helped homeowners, businesses, local authorities and schools protect their property, marking over 30 million valuable items in the process. The company is based in Kent, on the outskirts of London and serves its customers both directly and through a growing network of UK resellers.

Our business has grown over the years because we pride ourselves on quality products, the best customer service and exceptional value. In fact, repeat business is growing as more and more satisfied customers return to us year after year.


Our systems are patented and distributed world-wide, and we now have a network of distributors selling SelectaDNA in over 30 countries.

The use of SelectaDNA in burglary reduction campaigns by Police in the UK has provided Police Forces in other countries, such as The Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand, with tried and tested models for reducing and detecting crime.

With our distributors training their own Police Forces on the detection and identification of SelectaDNA, you can also be assured that if a marked item is stolen and taken to another country, there is still a chance that your property can be linked back to you in the event of it being recovered. The SelectaDNA database is accessible globally to further assist overseas Police Forces in identifying a marked item originates from the UK for example. Please note though that in line with Data Protection laws, personal data is not supplied to authorities outside the UK, and that any such cases would be handed over to the UK Police.


Every year theft and burglaries costs UK industry millions of pounds. Security marking is a simple, low cost and highly effective theft deterrent. DNA marked property is of little interest to thieves as they know DNA links them to crimes they commit, and it is virtually impossible to sell on. In addition, if stolen, the property is easily identifiable giving a very good chance of recovery. SelectaDNA is ideal for use on any valuable asset or equipment, such as laptops, motor vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, tools, marine craft etc.

Many Insurance companies actively recommend Forensic Property Marking to their policyholders. Some Insurance companies even make it a condition of insurance cover and it also forms a part of many police and crime prevention initiatives.